Seasonal Shopping For Print On Demand

Seasonal Shopping For Print On Demand

Most industries have peaks and troughs. Selling products using (POD) is no different. There are seasonal aspects to selling and you will find that some parts of the year are far more lucrative than others.

The good news with this type of business is that you carry little in the way of overheads. Traditional businesses still have to find money to pay for their business property, electricity, staff , stock etc in the slow times whereas the business has little to find in the way of running costs. Cashflow is less of a factor or worry for the POD business.

A sensible  vendor will be using the quiet periods of the year to build their strategy for the busier times. You need to work out which products you are going to run and get your designs in place and advertising campaigns ready to roll because the bulk of the sales come in short bursts that can feel like they are over pretty quickly.

Most sales will generally come at the back end of the year. November through to Christmas is most people’s peak with Black Friday through to Christmas being the busiest time. If you have been collecting customer details and put an email marketing strategy into place then you might be able to extend this into January with a post Christmas sale.

In February you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day. Jewelry is particularly good for this one if your niche is suited to it. I suggest you aim your advertising at men buying for women as your best option. Be creative because you can get a good couple of weeks at a time of year that is quiet in most industries if you get it right.

The next significant annual event to aim at is Mother’s Day. It is a good one. You can’t really ignore Mother’s Day. Unlike Valentines everyone has a mother and a gift is required so make sure you have something good ready to go. If you have an International sales set up then there is more than one Mother’s Day you can have a crack at. Certainly, Mother’s Day in the US and the UK are separated by a couple of months in the Spring and there is no reason why you can’t be set up for both.

Father’s Day follows on to complete the action in the first half of the year. It isn’t at the same level as Mother’s Day but it is still significant and worth having special products and campaigns ready. Obviously, poor old dad gets forgotten about a bit more than mom but you are there to remind people to buy something for the man of the house. He deserves appreciation too.

The summer is generally the flatter sales period of the year so it is up to you to be inventive and find markets that suit the summer. For instance weddings are a good summer niche. Target people that are engaged to be married on Facebook if you have a good wedding product.

Products that suit vacations perhaps like beach towels or flip flops with an all over print might work.

Perhaps there are some events you can concentrate on. Look at the calendar and see if you can find something of interest coming up and try and create something for it. This is when you need to think outside of the norm to create revenue in the troughs.

The biggest chunk of business is done in November and December so be ready for it and try and hang on to a bit of whatever you make to help you move smoothly through the rest of the year.


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