Print On Demand – It Is Not Just T-shirts and Mugs

Print On Demand – It Is Not Just T-shirts and Mugs

It would be very easy to just see the industry as people marketing funny slogans on t-shirts and coffee mugs. Amazon’s department consists of t-shirts in its entirety for goodness sake.

There is so much more to and I suspect if you do a little digging you can find some really interesting items that will be fun to bring to market and also earn you some cash at the same time.

Jewelry is a big . Declarations of love or sentiment for people or pets on necklaces and bracelets are big business. There are obviously peaks in the calendar for jewelry with Christmas and Valentines Day being really good times to be marketing this type of product. There are plenty of suppliers offering a good variety of base products that can either be printed or engraved. It is a good market to be in because you can charge a little more for jewelry without seeming to be charging too much.

The great thing about doing sentimental products is that even with just one item you can have it personalised and it becomes even more appealing. You can add your wife’s name or a picture of your dog and get it delivered in a very short space of time. I still find it fascinating how flexible this system can be.

All over printing seems to be back in fashion at the moment. There are plenty of suppliers offering this facility on clothes. Particularly t shirts , sweatshirts, vests, dresses, socks , tote bags , bedspreads, cushion covers and phone cases. I have seen a couple of firms that do shoes like deck shoes or canvas boots in the style of the Converse Chuck Taylors. They look really good. A bit expensive but very unique so probably worth the money. I think that might be the next product I test out because I know people would love a one of a kind pair of shoes. Do your research on supplier costs because they do vary and you will need to be paying the best price. They all seem slightly high at first but that is the cost of flexibility.

There are also a number of suppliers that like to print posters, canvas and various forms of art for the wall.

One thing that is really great about Print On Demand is that you can choose to do lots of designs and put them all on t shirts or you can choose to have one or two designs and put them on lots of different types of product. It doesn’t matter because you are not holding any stock. I like the second option for two main reasons firstly, you don’t need many good designs and secondly you almost automatically niche your shop and so it becomes easier to name your shop and give it an identity. Your shop is also more interesting just because you are offering a variety of products.

If you are thinking about starting a Print On Demand business make sure you do a bit of research and find yourself some interesting products.


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