How to Make Print On Demand Designs Even If You Suck At Graphics

How to Make Print On Demand Designs Even If You Suck At Graphics

If you would really like to start a business but think you have no design skills then don’t despair. There are several ways you can get over your suckiness with graphics.

You will still have to come up with the original idea but you can hire a freelance graphic artist from a services website like Fiverr or Upwork. This can be done quite cheaply and quickly but research the sellers thoroughly. As with anything some are better than others and some are more expensive than others. My experience tells me that some of the cheaper ones are not any more artistic than you or me. They just rearrange stock images and a bit of text in a nice font and have it done in a few minutes. Trust me you can do that too. So if you decide to pay somebody to do your designs for you look for a slightly greater level of creativity and pay a bit more if you have to. Be careful not to end up with a design that looks very similar to somebody else’s. It can happen quite by accident when using stock images.

More fun than paying somebody is using an App on your smartphone that creates really great looking images. There are quite a few really useful artistic apps that can be a huge help coming up with artistic combinations of text and images. If Photoshop is not your forte then Apps such as Wordswag , Over and Typorama are making things very simple by combining template text styling with images.

I probably chose Typorama because the very first thing I saw when researching which app I wanted was that the first background in the choices was transparent. Transparent background is very useful when putting together the designs for your products.

However, it has a bunch of useful features including 47 different text styles with more than 100 different fonts randomly used. Some of these styles are free and others are available in the Pro version for a small one off lifetime fee. It is definitely worth the small extra fee. Template size, colour , angle, gradient are all fully adjustable so you everything you need.

Cropping size templates to fit your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube video thumbnail, LinkedIn post, iPhone wallpaper and all the other sizes. You can share your designs easily everywhere. Thousands of free photography stock readily at hand to choose from Pixabay.

The other apps are similar in that they have a free version and an upgrade for a fee. I suggest you start by seeing if you like the free version and then decide if you want to move onto the upgraded version.

Although I am recommending them to use as a tool for your product design they are probably designed for and used more for making great Social Media Posts particularly on Instagram. You will certainly have the option of using them for far more than just product design. Also the fact that you can do the design on your phone makes it a really handy as you can do your designing anywhere. If you are on the train or in the coffee shop you can be putting a design together.

There are plenty of ways to create your artwork online. There are lots of free image editing websites you can use. Pixlr is a good one that is widely used. The phone apps make it that much easier though. If you are going for something more complicated you can always make an original on your phone and then tart it up on your computer.

There are no rules you just have to make an image that works for you.

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  1. Typorama does not give pixel size which is needed for Redbubble. How do you know what size to pick?

    • Typorama’s current max image size is 2048px in width X 2048px in height. Since you are working with Redbubble I suggest
      that you look online graphic design software eg. Canva (, Snappa ( etc.

      These graphic design softwares are easy to use. I have been using Canva for many years.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

      Kjell Karlsson
      Founder Printpreneurs

      • Thank you so much for replying to my question. Canva doesn’t seem to be a good option because you cannot make the background transparent unless you buy the paid version. I was trying to avoid that. I will check out snapper. Again, thank you.

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