How to Create A Good Product Listing

How to Create A Good Product Listing

This area is something that is rarely covered and is a very important aspect to getting sales for your product. Being able to turn potential customers into buyers is vital and the most crucial step to get right. When the customer has clicked through to your product page, he will first check out the price and the photos so you need to have them right. Then you need to get them over the line. Most product descriptions are pretty dull. If you know your customer avatar and have brought them to the page with your advertising then you will be able to tailor your product description to appeal to likes and dislikes of your visitor. You must do your research to find your target audience and understand why they need it first .

I like to set my description out in 3 steps.

First is a brief description of what your product is, this must be interesting enough to keep the customer engaged yet contain relevant keywords to help get search traffic. Don’t use a description like its come from a shopping brochure, think through the likes and dislikes of the customer and appeal to the person you think has arrived on your page.

Secondly, you should highlight the advantages by using bullet points. List your product features and benefits to the customer as well as a guarantee of satisfaction.

And lastly, a call to action. Summarise your product, create some scarcity, let the customer understand what a great deal they are getting and give a call to action. If you tell them to buy your product then there is a higher chance they will. If you tell them the offer price is today or this week only then you force a decision.

  • Who uses the product and who are your customers?

You should know this from when you created your product, you must have a niche or target audience to sell your product to. If you don’t know or haven’t created your product yet then there are many ways to go about this. Firstly, look at other similar merchandise that’s in your niche on Amazon, eBay, Pinterest or Facebook pages. You will be able to see what type of product people are liking, reviewing and leaving questions on. Here you can note down other groups or types of people that you want to target. Also, you will be able to see any problems they had with these products, and or any improvement that can be made. Be sure to include a positive outlook on this in your description.

  • Product features & Benefits

Firstly highlight the quality of your product. What material it’s made from, or what make the t-shirt is, size of the cup etc. mention people it would be great for, or events in the year. E.g perfect for birthdays/Christmas etc. This is very easy – just pick 10 great things about your product and then choose the best 6 or 7 and put them in your bullet points.

  • Summarising you Product Description

If someone has made it to this part of your product description then they are really interested in purchasing. This is the point where you push them over the line. So make sure you tell them what great value they are getting, that it can’t be seen anywhere else in the world and that there is only a certain amount of time that it is available for (the last is what I mean by scarcity). Then just wrap it up with a quick and detailed explanation of why they need to get one.

One thing to remember – once you know your target audience on some platforms you will need to do some keyword research, I normally write my keywords into every description just so I have a standard one for each product, it saves me having to go back and edit with updated keywords etc.

Once you have done your keyword research it is important to put these words into your description without stuffing, be selective and keep your description so it feels natural and not contrived.

Our recommended tool for keyword research:


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